Organizational Assessments 

Every organization operates in a unique context that reflects its history, environment and level of performance. However, like the proverbial frog sitting in a slowly heating pot of water, the leaders of an organization are not always fully aware of the organization’s true state. This can lead to misalignment between leadership and employees as well as frustration and overwhelm when your efforts aren’t achieving the desired results.

Thrive State conducts comprehensive organizational assessments from the seasoned perspective that comes from years of operational experience. Guided by the principals of the Psychological Health and Safety Standard of Canada, we collect and analyze data from every aspect your organization, including:

  • Customer statistics/trends

  • Financial performance/trends

  • Employee demographics/statistics/trends

  • Organizational culture assessment

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

Where possible we benchmark performance against competitors or industry norms, highlighting areas of concern/distinction and recommend actions to be considered.

Using the results of our assessment, we create a dashboard to clarify your organization’s current reality, identifying areas of strength and weakness along with opportunities to exploit. You will no longer be at risk for being blind-sided by profit loss, missed targets, low employee engagement or the symptoms of a toxic organizational culture.

Instead, with this practical dashboard in hand, you will be equipped with confidence and clarity on where to focus your efforts to achieve maximum results.


  • Generates a dashboard of organization status

  • Provides a clear understanding of what is work well and potential risks

  • Identifies gaps and hazards

  • Identifies internal data trends

  • Creates business case for implementing Psychological Health and Safety Management System


  • Improved organizational performance

  • Improved workplace culture or workforce health

  • To implement a Psychological Health and Safety Management System

“The work on clarifying the vision, mission and values was excellent and has led us to fine tuning our overall statements” 

Sergio Bersaglio – Executive Director, Villages of Hope Africa

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