Organizational Culture 

If you could increase your employees’ productivity, retention and overall business profitability, would you? Are you feeling frustrated that all of your efforts towards building your team morale and employee engagement don’t seem to be paying off? By conducting an organizational culture assessment, Thrive State can help you not only identify the priority areas to focus for maximum results, but prevent you from wasting anymore unnecessary time and money on initiatives that aren’t going to get results for you and your team.


Thrive State exists to help busy leaders create the kind of workplaces where people are excited to show up on Monday morning! To achieve sustainable results, our organizational culture assessment is guided by the Psychological Health and Safety Standard of Canada and takes your business through the following process:

  STEP 1  

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of all factors contributing to the health of your workforce, including: 

  • Guarding Minds @ Work survey

  • Interviews with identified leaders

  • Focus groups with staff

  • Review of HR data:

    • Turnover and absenteeism rates

    • Number and nature of conflicts and grievances

    • Health, Safety and Environmental Incidents

    • Short- and long-term disability usage

  STEP 2  

Using the results of our assessment, we create a dashboard to clarify your organization’s current state, identifying areas of strength, risk and opportunity. Your business will also be benchmarked against 1000+ other Canadian businesses.

  STEP 3  

With your input we create a customized plan that identifies and prioritizes actions to be taken for maximum results.


Equipped with data and realistic recommendations, you will have confidence and clarity on the steps needed to get you and your organization on the way to your own “Thrive State”. As you implement the recommendations, you will enjoy the benefits of a strong organizational culture and thriving workforce which, ultimately, increases business profitability.


Research has shown that organizations that implement the evidence-based psychological health and safety standard usually perform better in all key performance categories: 


  • Reduced workplace conflict and grievances 

  • Improved worker engagement and morale 

  • Enhanced productivity 

  • Decreased disability and injury rates 

  • Ability to recruit and retain talented workers 

  • Improved financial success 

  • More creative and innovative 


In other words, overall company performance is impacted by the extent to which the thirteen factors of psychological health and safety are addressed in the workplace.  


Additionally, an organizational culture assessment:

  • Generates a baseline status of the organization’s culture

  • Provides a clear understanding of what is working well and potential risks

  • Identifies gaps and hazards

  • Creates business case for implementing Psychological Health and Safety Management System


  • Improved organizational performance

  • Increased employee engagement

  • Enhanced workplace culture or workforce health

  • To implement a Psychological Health and Safety Management System

"Jackie was very engaging and provided interactive sessions for our team...It certainly helped boost morale and gave us the tools to demonstrate appreciation to each other."

Sherry - City of Barrie

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