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 Myer's Briggs Stress 

 Management Workshop 

Whether inside or outside the workplace, individuals encounter stressors that can either impair their performance or drive their success, depending on their reaction to them. The problem is that managers and leaders don’t know how each stressor will affect different personalities or what is needed to better manage the stress. The MBTI Stress Management Workshop equips participants with tools and insights to help managers support stress management more effectively for themselves and their employees.


  • Improves ability to deal effectively with challenges

  • Increases awareness of stress triggers and reactions

  • Enhances self and other awareness

  • Develops a common language

  Ideal for:  

  • 2-40 participants

  • Senior leadership

  • Supervisors and managers

  • HR professionals

  • High-stress professional teams

  • Any team or group wanting to improve stress management skills

Length of workshop: 1 day

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