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 Conflict and Communication 

46% of employees rarely or never leave a meeting knowing what they’re supposed to do next. (1)


Conflict is a normal part of any group; if we all thought the same way we wouldn’t need all of us. And how we communicate with each other is the key ingredient to achieving healthy conflict. The problem is that many of us have not been equipped with the right tools or resources to communicate effectively or navigate our differences in constructive ways, which leads to resentment, relationship deterioration and, eventually, toxicity and conflict. What leaders frequently neglect to realize is the correlation between healthy interpersonal communication to employee wellness and productivity. It is a core human need to feel heard and understood, even at work, so developing your employees’ communication skills increases efficiency, improves engagement and enhances morale, making it a worthy business investment.


Our series of workshops offer a range of options to help you and your teamwork through existing conflict, make difficult and complex decisions, and increase your toolkit to enhance communication and prevent unhealthy conflict.

Transformational Team Building

Deep Democracy: Unleash the wisdom of teams

Conflict that

Myers-Briggs Conflict Management Program

Compelling Conversations: Developing Communication Style Through MBTI

Managing Conflict using the Thomas Kilmann Assessment

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Are you dealing with high numbers of conflicts or grievances?

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