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 Myers-Briggs Team Building 


As a globally recognized tool, the Myers-Briggs Team Building Program inspires people to work better together to drive organizational success. Using self-assessments and engaging activities we walk you through a process to transform your team by applying MBTI type concepts to the six critical team issues: communication, team culture, leadership, change, problem-solving and managing stress.


  • Generates a work-styles report and map of team based on personality profiles

  • Improves self and other awareness

  • Leverages team strengths

  • Increases understanding of communication issues

  • Creates common language to understand and appreciate differences

  • Mitigates potential conflict

  Ideal for:  

  • 2-40 participants

  • Senior Leadership teams

  • Cross-sectional department leaders

  • Multidisciplinary teams

  • Groups or teams who want to improve working relationships and develop strategies to boost performance

Length of workshop: ½, 1 or 2 day options.

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