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Suicide is a difficult topic and one that most people will avoid because they don’t know what to say. We all have different values and beliefs related to suicide and, unfortunately, many of us have been impacted by suicide in some way. safeTALK is an evidence-based and structured program that equips individuals with the tools to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to life-saving resources.


  • Increases confidence in providing suicide-prevention help to others

  • De-bunks myths about suicide

  • Decreases stigma and social distance from people with mental health illness or issues

  • Improves mental health among colleagues

  Ideal for:  

  • 10-30 participants

  • Employee or volunteer teams/groups

  • HR professionals

  • Supervisors, managers or leadership

  • Anyone who wants to reduce mental health stigma and create a suicide-safer workplace

  • Everyone

Length of workshop: 4 hours

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