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 Spots and Stripes: 

 Working together with 

 personality differences 

Using a variety of personality theories (Myers-Briggs, True Colors, Enneagram, Fascinate, etc) we guide you through a process of self-exploration. By better understanding ourselves, and each other, in the framework of personality theories, we are better equipped to maximize our collective strengths.


  • Generates a map of team personality profiles

  • Improves interpersonal relationships

  • Increases self and other awareness

  • Leverages team strengths

  • Accelerates team productivity

  • Mitigates potential conflict

  Ideal for:  

  • 2-20 participants

  • New or established groups or teams

  • Supervisors or Leadership groups

  • Cross-sectional department leaders

  • Multidisciplinary teams

  • Any group who wants to improve the quality of their work relationships

Length of workshop: 8 hours

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