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 Transformational Team 


Get to the heart of group issues quickly, respectfully, compassionately and practically. A step-by-step process to help teams grow and heal in record time. Participants learn how to contribute their energy as a facilitative leader and help their team get to, and let go of, their issues to become productive and high-performing.


  • Improves team functioning and productivity

  • Repairs damaged relationships in record time

  • Increases ability to have courageous conversations

  • Enhances communication outcomes and efficiency

  • Develops self and other awareness and ownership of issues

  • Fosters trust and inclusivity between team members

  • Improves morale, team satisfaction and engagement

  Ideal for:  

  • 2-12 participants

  • Established groups or teams who are experiencing conflict, communication issues or navigating a difficult period

  • Any group or team who wants to accelerate their growth and performance

Length of workshop: 2 days (plus pre-workshop interviews – 30-45 minutes per person)

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